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Dwellings are getting smaller and smaller, especially in urban contexts, so it is necessary to limit as much as possible the installation solutions, without consuming living space. On the other hand, customers are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and performance of air conditioning and heating systems. From a green perspective, it is also increasingly important to design and implement solutions with low energy impact and that are able to make the most of resources (including energy).

Double the existing thermal capacity

The realization of the commercial product called “TES BOTTLE” comes from the twofold need to improve the performance of the storage tanks on existing plants and to natively improve the efficiency of the new ones, in order to provide the user with a more performing plant as it is equipped with a “virtual” tank larger than the volume actually occupied. So far the best and least expensive means to accumulate sensitive heat at high temperature has been found in water. The search for a solution starts from the properties of the water and the need to efficient its thermal capacity, both in the heat or cold storage phase and in the release phase. Our Phase Change Materials are the ideal solution to multiply the thermal capacity while maintaining the same volume.

PCM Components

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Magnesium all. silicate hydrated
  • Hydrated calcium sodium silicate all. silicate

Fire resistance

  • Reaction to fire A1

Technical data

  • Watertight PET containers
  • Inorganic PCM content – Non-toxic – Biodegradable in contact with air and water

  • Dimensions: Depending on tank volume

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