Blue Hybrid was born from the need to concentrate all the low environmental impact technologies in a single system, which presents itself as an intelligent solution to heat and air condition rooms.

Main features

/ The combination of the BCWW series geothermal heat pump, BCAW series air-water and BCAA series air-heat pump with a thermodynamic system, correctly dimensioned, guarantees the production of electrical and thermal energy necessary for the needs of the entire housing unit. Blue Clima heat pumps use the energy radiated by the sun and captured by the thermodynamic panel to store it in thermal storage tanks based on our “Energy Drink”, a phase change material that stores a large amount using small spaces. In this way we are able to increase yields using, among other things, self-produced electrical energy.

A unique product range for all types

The Hybrid Hybrid system uses all the technology of the various Blue Clima lines, always placing the heat pumps at the center of the system, controlling it in every part and making it efficient by making the best use of the energy available. The company’s goal is also to make it easy to insert the various components of the system from the thermodynamic panel to the room management, but above all it is intuitive and easy for the user to manage. The Phase change material allow to the system to arrive to values of Scop higher than 6.

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