Innovation LAB

Research and Development

Thanks to incubator Opificio 4.0’s entry into the share capital, e-4e can prepare research projects using forms of finance dedicated to innovation through R&D.
Ongoing collaborations with prestigious Italian and foreign universities remain a fundamental component of our work at e-4e.


We coordinate professional formation courses and technical training via high-level Webinars to learn, understand and install all PCM solutions. The main focal points of the training path created are thermodynamic simulation, building envelope behaviour and IoT interface with energy production facilities.

Innovation Marketing

E-4e Innovative start-up projects transform concrete necessities in business values of sustainability, energy efficiency, care of the environment and human wellbeing. For this reason, operational projects are also supported by virtuous communication and marketing campaigns aimed at highlighting the company’s values and activities. These actions amplify the project’s positive message and accelerate returns on the investment.


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Awards and recognition