A revolution in building materials. A paradigm shift in the management of latent thermal energy. The comfort generated with dynamic passive applications.

Static insulation

The dynamic thermal solution is coupled to a panel capable of meeting thermal conductivity standards.

The acoustic isolation

The noise reduction of the multifour solution is over 35 db and thanks to the shape of the panel composed of spaced macro capsules is also a good soundproofing.

Response to fire

Thanks to the inorganic mixtures that compose it and the fiberglass coating, the multifour panel is in class A1.

  • Mineral-based salt hydrates – Inorganic
  • Heat capacity 315 w/sqm
  • Latent heat energy 200 j/g
  • Thermal conductivity 0.54 W/mK (liquid phase) – 1.09 W/mK (solid phase)


  • Static: Thermal conductivity 0.055 W/m/K
  • Acoustic: Acoustic reduction 35 db

Fire resistance

Reaction to fire A1

Technical data

  • Panel 120 x 60 cm x 23 mm
  • Weight per sqm 11.5 KG
  • Available temperatures 18/21/23/25/29°C

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