Infinite R®

192,23 (iva esclusa)

Pack of n. 5 flexible, macro-encapsulated panels with inorganic, fire resistant and non-toxic PCM. Size of each panel 120 x 60 cm x 6 mm



Pack of n. 5 panels Macro-encapsulated multilayer panel with inorganic, non-toxic phase change materials, thermal capacity 315 W/sqm, latent thermal energy 200 j/g, specific heat 3,14 Kj/Kg. The panel changes state always at constant temperature. The product is certified in Class A1 fire reaction and is made of non-toxic materials. In transition phase (or fusion) the panel goes to infinite resistance (thermal). Each cycle of change of status takes place at constant temperature. The panel is capable of discharging the heat energy stored using natural thermal inversion or ventilation in free cooling. It reduces energy waste and generates savings of more than 30%.

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Temperatura programmata

18° C, 21° C, 23° C, 25° C, 29° C

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