Phase change materials

Infinite R, Templok e PCM in Tank represent the highest technology in the development of high thermal efficiency. These solutions used in the building and construction industry are manufactured with synthetic phase change materials that are capable of storing and releasing thermal energy whilst changing their state at a constant temperature. Our products incorporating phase change materials are built around a fundamental natural property: the materials’ natural tendency to absorb heat when melted and release it as they solidify. Our PCM blends can be supplied across a wide range of temperatures from +70°C up to -25°C. The continuous Research and Development have allowed to realize mixtures with temperatures up to -70°C -80°C and -90°C  for the transport sector Vaccine covid-19.

Phase Change Materials

Our phase change blends are organic, eco-friendly and include both natural and synthetic materials. Our blends are nontoxic, non-flammable and can be adapted to suit a multitude of application systems.

IoT Solutions

IoT Systems and ad-hoc studied algorithms to manage and monitor the solutions applied. IoT trainsitions are facilitated through a unique combination of technology, distribution, insurance and financing.


Through our spin-off 4NRG we provide solutions planning, tax deductions and tax credit consultancy, specific APPs at different levels and formation for professionals and technicians.

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