For Energy

FOR ENERGY Srl is an innovative startup providing technical consultancy on the use of Phase Change Materials and their planning, using software specialised on thermal calculations with dynamic models and long distance formation of all categories involved in the construction industry: from freelancers, to companies and technicians while involving professional associations, trade associations and institutional bodies. All our activities are conducted in compliance with current sanitary regulations.

PCM and Plants

Through its partners and collaborators, FOR ENERGY Srl developed a digital connection between the materials and their change of phase (Phase Change Material) in the field of research, together with the automated and controlled systems present in buildings today, whether they are heating, cooling, darkening or ventilation systems.

PCM works transitioning from two precise phases that have to match specific characteristics required by the designers and the manufacturer. These parameters are also influenced by multiple external environmental factors and their combinations are infinite. Our IoT application optimises PCM operation to ensure a better sense of wellbeing within the environments through the use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), which is the foundation of our predictive software.

4NRG created the digital connection between PCM (Phase Change Material) and Smart Building to revolutionise the principles of thermal planning in buildings.

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