IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

IoT Systems and ad-hoc studied algorithms to manage and monitor the solutions applied. Transition form CAPEX to OPEX investments. Investment return insurance.

IoT end-to-end

Relayr is an Industrial Internet of Things leader delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.

Relayr enables the full potential data relative to equipment, machinery and existing production lines in order to offer their clients the best commercial results. Relayr allows industrial companies to transform their maket approach, shifting from an investment-based outlook to an expense-focused perspective (from CAPEX to OPEX).

Futhermore, Relayr supplies an exclusive combination of cutting-edge IIoT technology, delivery and competitive offers in finance and insurance – all guaranteed by a single operator trusted by hundreds of companies all over the world.

IoT at the service of businesses

IoT is an indispensable resource for business efficiency.  It can be used by manufacturing companies to save money while increasing operational efficiency, or it can also be used in all sectors to apply predictive maintenance programs.

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