Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials

A revolution in the world of construction materials. A paradigm shift in latent heat management. The comfort created by passive dynamic applications. Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in one single solution.

Building Solutions

Solutions for construction industry efficiency (buildings, greenhouses, breeding farms, schools, sport structures, nursing homes, hospitals), basic panels, design panels, high performance panels delivering outstanding thermal and mechanical results, panels for hygiene-protected environments.

Yachting Solutions

White multi-layered panel composed of cells filled with autoclavated aerated concrete (AAC), density 580 kg/m³, lined on one side with type E fiberglass canvas 100% and on the other side with an aluminium laminate (pure reticulate pattern) with reinforced fiberglass weighting 100 gr/m². Macro encapsulated internal layer with synthetic, nontoxic phase changing materials, thermal capacity 315 W/mq, latent heat 200 j/g, specific heat capacity 3,14 Kj/Kg. The panel always changes state at a constant temperature. The product is certified as A1 non-combustible and is composed of nontoxic materials.

Cold Solutions

The cells containing PCM are made of high-density HDPE and are built specifically to suit the client’s requirements. Our ColdBuildUp thermal system is completely autonomous and free from liquid circulation. The phase changing material (PCM) is composed of a nontoxic biodegradable solution designed to store and release energy at controlled temperatures in order to allow the control system to withstand environmental temperatures and safeguard the products stocked.

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