A revolution in building materials. A paradigm shift in the management of latent thermal energy. The comfort generated with dynamic passive applications

Easy to install

Templok has been studied for industrial and semi-industrial applications, agro-industry, breeding and retrofitting on office buildings. It can be coupled with other static insulators and applied in coat or dry solution mode.

Dynamic simulation

By means of dynamic simulations it is possible to establish in the design phase the behavior of PCM over the year as a function of external temperatures and internal active components.

Periodic thermal transmittance

Parameter that expresses the ability of a building component to attenuate and phase out in time the heat flow from outside within 24 hours of a day – UNI EN ISO 13786

  • Mineral-based salt hydrates – Inorganic
  • Heat capacity 315 w/sqm
  • Latent heat energy 200 j/g
  • Thermal conductivity 0.16 W/mK (liquid phase) – 0.33 W/mK (solid phase)

PCM Components

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Magnesium all. silicate hydrated
  • Hydrated calcium sodium silicate all. silicate

Fire resistance

  • Reaction to fire A1

Technical data

  • Panel 60 x 60 cm x 7 mm
  • Weight per sqm 5.10 KG
  • Available temperatures 18/22/25/29°C

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